who are we

The Golden Letters Foundation for Communications and Information Technology is an official institution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia licensed by an official commercial register and official headquarters. We provide many services related to information technology, the most important of which are the following :


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Security Systems

We also work hard to ensure maximum security, technical and electronic security from security systems, surveillance cameras, electronic door locks, smart hotel closures, attendance and departure systems, and other protection systems.

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Hosting And Web Design

Golden Letters work on the most powerful servers worldwide and protected all protection from penetration and espionage at the highest standards and we work on hosting, design, programming, development and construction of Internet sites

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Ads And E-Marketing

The golden letters are also concerned with all aspects related to advertising, technical advertising, electronic marketing, activation, attracting visits and raising the rate of advertising for individuals, businessmen, institutions, companies, private sectors and government.

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Web Servers & Networks

We also work on securing Linux and Windows servers from servers for websites and open spaces, as well as local servers for wired and wireless networks in Windows systems, management and protection

About us

A detailed description of the Golden Letters Foundation for Communications and Information Technology

The Golden Letters Foundation for Communications and Information Technology is an official institution officially registered with an official trade register dedicated to everything related to the Internet, ICT, The Golden Letters is keen to keep abreast of the development and the technical era we are witnessing in our time. We are working hard to meet all the requests of our customers to provide them with all the technical services and all the international standard standards. We are hosting, designing, developing, building and programming all kinds of websites, mobile applications and all types of programs and in all languages. In addition, we develop, archive and market websites, technical projects, advertising, advertising campaign management and social networking accounts. We also care about surveillance cameras Hotel locks, attendance and departure systems, etc. There are many services available in our services list and you can download our profile

Special Services

Golden Letters work on finding all you want under one roof so we offer many electronic technical services under one roof

Design and programming programs and mobile applications

A team of specialists and programmers working on all types of software for applications and electronic applications for smart phones and others
We work to meet all desires under one roof. Our main services include providing advanced software and keeping abreast of modern and technical development. We have a team of specialists in software programming and electronic technical applications Technology on computers and also smart phone applications .. and others

Management of accounts and electronic projects

We manage the accounts of social networking sites and secure all that is required of the customer in any electronic technical project
Any business person or important individual in the community, institution or company, private sector and government must have electronic accounts on the sites of communication and others, and may not have time to manage and follow up, and so, we are in the golden letters, we provide this service from the Department of follow-up these accounts and The highest standards of quality and in accordance with the customer’s business strategy

Supply and installation of technical and electronic devices

We put you under our eyes in order to offer you everything new in the world of technology and technology. We install, maintain and supply all the technical devices. Just ask for what you want and you will get the lowest prices.
Your project is safe under one roof (photocopiers, inks, computers, laptops, hardware, sound systems, printers, projectors). You can find them at competitive prices for the local market with installation, maintenance and supply for everything you need in your technical and other project.

Professional designs

A team of professionals in the professional designs in all fields Video and images Infographic and animation Graphic and other designs of high quality and conform to the standards
In order to find everything you want in your professional electronic and professional life, we have provided you with everything you need under one roof. Here, too, we offer you the professional design service that you will surely need when you start your project to create logos or posters and even advertising ads in gold letters. one

Business And Customers

Some of our business and clients are on all technical platforms, advertising and e-marketing

special offers

Here we present special offers made by gold characters. Try to review this list always in order to benefit from these offers

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Offers surveillance cameras and security systems

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